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About Us

Welcome to Kompasi.Me Blog 

Kompasimi comes from the word that means a Compass to determine the direction of the tool in the form of an arrow pointer-free aligning itself with the magnetic field of the Earth accurately. Compass gives specific direction, so the reference can really help you in all areas.

KompasiMe will teach you about Education, technology to business. All discussion on this Blog we have already set up with a language that is very easy to understand. And don't forget, we also have prepared pictures/videos so that the reader is more easily understood what we were going to pass.

Not only that only. We also have some social media can facilitate you to follow the latest trend Compass nor the future.

There are articles there are in KompasiMe is the article written by us. All of the information we present is the fact that information has been previously in our research from a variety of sources, with the expectation of a lack of news hoax that circulated about our niche. If there's less writing you guys understand or invalid information, we beg you to contact us so we can as soon as possible to fix it.

Once again, we thank all of you because it has been pleasing to visit Coffee blog this one. Hopefully the information that our updates can be beneficial to all. Aamiin.